Mimer SQL on Tru64

Mimer SQL Engine is available for the Tru64 operating system – a flavor of UNIX.


Mimer SQL Engine is available for Tru64 version 4 (or later), running on Alpha processors. Mimer SQL Engine is enabled for Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP), uses 64-bit addressing, POSIX threads and asynchronous I/O provided by Tru64.

To optimize performance when running Mimer SQL Engine on Tru64, we recommend that you place frequently accessed Mimer SQL databank files on character devices, also known as raw devices. By using a raw device, the file system layer is avoided and I/O operations are performed directly to the disk, i.e. raw I/O bypasses buffers and caches. Take extra care to ensure that no part of the regular file system is overlapped by a raw device partition dedicated for databank file use.

JDBC- and ODBC drivers are included in the base distribution for Mimer SQL.

To be able to compile most of the example programs supplied with the Mimer SQL distribution, you need an ANSI/C compatible compiler.

Tru64 UNIX:

Download Mimer SQL Engine for Tru64 from our download page.

For further details, please see our Howto and Feature articles. Or, contact Mimer SQL Support.

Last updated: 2003-12-11


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