Mimer SQL Mobile on Windows Mobile

Mimer SQL Mobile for Windows Mobile is a full scale RDBMS with a very small footprint, which makes it suitable in resource-limited environments such as handheld devices and mobile phones. It is a multi user database server with complete support for standard SQL, including stored procedures and triggers, and transaction management.

The database server in the mobile device can be accessed simultaneously from several local applications on the same time. Concurrently, it can be accessed from external clients in the network. The other way around, a local application on the device can access other Mimer SQL databases on other network nodes, for example databases on Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, Mac OS X or Windows.

The client/server communication in Mimer SQL Mobile utilizes standardized network protocols such as LAN, wire-less LAN, Bluetooth, serial port, etc.

Data stored in Mimer SQL Mobile is compressed using a very effective algorithm to minimize the use of storage media

Mimer SQL Mobile for Windows Mobile includes a Windows 2000/XP/Vista development environment where you, together with Microsoft’s embedded tools, can develop database applications for mobile devices. Before the application is transferred to the target hardware it can be verified in an emulation environment on the workstation.

For synchronization between the workstation and the device, Microsoft’s ActiveSync is used.


Download Mimer SQL Mobile for Windows Mobile from our Download page.

Hands on! See the article Using Mimer SQL Mobile to get started.

For further details, please contact Mimer SQL Support.
Last updated: 2008-10-16


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