Mimer Data Provider on Mono

ADO.NET is an object-oriented interface for accessing and manipulating data in the Microsoft .NET Framework. It simplifies the development of multi-tier database applications both for web and traditional client/server environments.

The Mimer Data Provider 9.3 works equally well in Microsoft .NET 1.1 CLR and in the Mono runtime environment. With Mono you can access Mimer SQL from .NET applications on other platforms than Microsoft Windows.


Mimer Data Provider 9.3 is the new generation in the Mimer Data Provider family. Earlier versions of Mimer Data Provider were based on ODBC, but in the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 we only use managed code and there are no dependencies to ODBC or any other client libraries. Because of this enhancement, the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 requires Mimer SQL 9.2.3 or later.

This distribution does not contain a graphical installer. To install, simply uncompress the zip-file (found at the download page) and start using the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 on Linux, Windows, or on any other platform that is supported by Mono or the Microsoft .NET 1.1 CLR. If you want to have the Mimer.Data.Client.dll in the Global Assembly Cache, you can install it manually in both Mono and in the Microsoft .NET 1.1 CLR.

On Mono, all you have to do is to install the Mimer.Data.Client.dll in the Global Assembly Cache or to reference the DLL directly. This is possible because the Mimer.Data.Client.dll is the only needed file and because it does not have any references to other Mimer specific client libraries.

On Windows, this distribution can be used if you for some reason cannot use the Windows Installer based distribution. You can, for example, put the Mimer.Data.Client.dll in the /bin directory of a hosted web application where the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 is not installed.

The full documentation set, consisting of a reference part and an overview part, is available in HTML format for easy viewing on any platform.

For further details, please see the User's Guide and the Reference Manual for the Mimer Data Provider.


You can download the Mimer Data Provider from the Download Page.

For details on Mono, please see

ADO.NET details are found at (Data Access and Storage Developer Center: Using ADO.NET).

Last updated: 2005-03-21


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