Mimer Data Provider on .NET Framework 1.1

ADO.NET is an object-oriented interface for accessing and manipulating data in the Microsoft .NET Framework. It simplifies the development of multi-tier database applications both for web and traditional client/server environments.

The Mimer Data Provider 9.3 is tightly integrated in the Visual Studio .NET development environment, enabling rapid development of Mimer SQL applications in Visual Basic, C++, C# and J#. It is also possible to use the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 in non-Windows environments with Mono. Since the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 is written in managed code, you do not need any other client libraries installed to access Mimer SQL databases.


Mimer Data Provider 9.3 is the new generation in the Mimer Data Provider family. Earlier versions of Mimer Data Provider were based on ODBC, but in the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 we only use managed code and there are no dependencies to ODBC or any other client libraries. Because of this enhancement, the Mimer Data Provider 9.3 requires Mimer SQL 9.2.3 or later. If you work with older versions of Mimer SQL you can still use the Mimer Data Provider 9.2 that is based on ODBC.

Mimer Data Provider 9.2 was integrated in Visual Studio in several ways. This integration has been taken even further in Mimer Data Provider 9.3, with enhanced wizards and extended documentation. There are, for example, wizards for configuring the MimerDataAdapter and dialogs for creating MimerCommands without writing a single line of SQL. This makes it very easy to create database powered .NET applications. The extensive documentation provides you with both a detailed reference section and an overview, and the Dynamic Help show the appropriate help contents while you are writing the code.

For further details, please see the User's Guide and the Reference Manual for the Mimer Data Provider.


You can download the Mimer Data Provider from the Download Page.

The Microsoft .NET Homepage is found at

For details on ADO.NET, please see (Data Access and Storage Developer Center: Using ADO.NET).

Last updated: 2005-03-21


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