Mimer SQL on Mac OS X, PPC-edition

In short, Mimer SQL on Mac OS X is a high performance, zero maintenance database built on international SQL standards for mission critical applications.

Mimer SQL is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger running on Power PC, but it is also supported on 10.3. Of course, Mimer SQL can be used on Mac OS X Server as well.

Great news is that the powerful DbVisualizer SQL tool is bundled with Mimer SQL. Mimer SQL is fully integrated into the tool, meaning that all Mimer SQL database objects can be managed and viewed in detail.

Some qualities of Mimer SQL are:
  • The Mimer SQL database server has a binary footprint of 3.2 Mb.
    A small footprint, but yet powerful, database server and a full developer installation size of approximately 32 Mb makes Mimer SQL on Mac OS X easy to manage. Furthermore, with a small and configurable runtime distribution size Mimer SQL gets ideal for environments with scarce resources and for use in embedded applications.

  • Mimer SQL on Mac OS X is installed within a few minutes.
    These minutes takes us all the way from opening the zip-file until the database server is running.

  • Mimer SQL is one of the most scalable databases in the world.
    The same kernel that is used in your iBook is also used in large production plants, for example, in the Automotive and Steel industry.

  • Mimer SQL is No.1 in the world in conforming to SQL standards.
    This is the guarantee for an open database solution.

  • Mimer SQL is the world leader in zero maintenance and ease-of-use.
    All the functionality in this area is built in from scratch. Non-locking transaction control, automatic on-line reorganization, automated on-line backup, self tuned kernel and tight OS integration are some of these features.

  • Mimer SQL is a robust system that has been on the market for more than 25 years.
    Opinions about Mimer SQL like "a black box database" and "an install and forget database" are customer's expressions for stability with endurance.

  • Mimer SQL is a cross platform product.
    With availability on all major platforms, ranging from mobile appliances to enterprise systems, Mimer SQL databases can be used in all ends of a product line.

  • Mimer SQL is the first database vendor to implement Unicode 4.
    It has predefined multilingual support for more than 150 languages.

For detailed information on features in Mimer SQL 9, please see

Mimer SQL for Mac OS X is free for test and development purposes, and we are flexible in offering you a Mimer SQL licensing model that will suit your product and business situation.

Mimer SQL matches Apples ease-of-use philosophy with a database server installed within a few minutes, and, when deployed, being self-tuned with no need for major administration. Mimer SQL has less than twenty configuration parameters based on algorithms that knows and learns the optimal settings for all situations.

In more than two decades Mimer SQL has proved its scalability and performance in thousands and thousands of different database solutions. The same stable database kernel supports desktop applications as well as large production facilities and banks. The entire functionality of Mimer SQL is available through out the whole range, from mobile to enterprise.

Mimer SQL provides full and optimized support for established and standardized interfaces, including ODBC and a wide range of JDBC drivers, which makes development easy with all the popular tools such as WebObjects, Jboss, Tomcat, DbVisualizer, Omnis, Runtime Revolution, 4D and many more.

Mimer Information Technology is a leader in conforming to DBMS standards and is an active participant in the international database standardization WG3 Group for SQL.


You can download Mimer SQL Engine for Mac OS X from the Mimer SQL Download Page.

From the Finder application, Mimer SQL is installed on your Mac OS X box just by clicking on the downloaded zip file and then on the unpacked pkg file. The package will by default be installed in /Applications. See the article Installing Mimer SQL on Mac OS X for the details.

In the installation directory three main applications are available to get started, Mimer SQL Database Install, Mimer SQL Database Admin and the bundled DbVisualizer. The Mimer SQL Database Admin, used to administer your database servers, looks like this:

Getting Started
Start with the Mimer SQL Database Install application to create your initial database and then use the Mimer SQL Database Admin application to administer it. Use DbVisualiser to manage your database objects.

For details on how to use Mimer SQL with DbVisualizer, see the article Mimer SQL and DbVisualizer using JDBC on Mac OS X which is an example on how to connect Mimer SQL to a database access tool using the JDBC database API.

In addition, take a look at the article Using Mimer SQL with iODBC on Mac OS X to get a glance on how Mimer SQL fits with ODBC on the Mac OS X platform and go on with Apache – PHP – Mimer SQL on Mac OS X.

When a Mimer SQL database server is installed and should be used as a database server for remote client applications, the Mac OS X built-in Firewall may have to be opened up for Mimer SQL. Please see the article Firewall issue on Mac OS X for details on how to do this.

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Powered by Mimer SQL

Powered by Mimer SQL