Mimer SQL on AIX

Mimer SQL Engine is available for the AIX operating system, developed by IBM, - a flavor of UNIX.

AIX is used as the UNIX operating system on computers from IBM and Bull.

Mimer SQL Engine for AIX supports Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) and use 32-bit addressing. The implementation uses POSIX threads and asynchronous I/O provided by AIX 4.3.


JDBC- and ODBC drivers are included in the base distribution for Mimer SQL Engine.


Asynchronous I/O
IMPORTANT! To be able to use Mimer SQL Engine on AIX, you must enable Asynchronous I/O.

First, execute the command 'mkdev -l aio'.

Enter the AIX system administration tool using the command 'smit –C aio'.

Select "Change/Show characteristics of Asynchronous I/O".

In the "Characteristics of Asynchronous I/O" table: set the option "STATE to be configured at system restart" to 'available' and set the "MAXIMUM number of servers" parameter to at least '1000'.

ANSI/C compatible compiler
To be able to compile most of the example programs supplied with the Mimer SQL distribution you need an ANSI/C compatible compiler.

Large file support
To enable large file support, use the smit command 'smit -C fs'.

Select "Add / Change / Show / Delete File Systems", "Journaled File Systems" and then "Change / Show Characteristics of a Journaled File System".

Choose the file system in question and verify the setting for "Large File Enabled", which should be 'true'.

Application programs that are converted to be aware of large files may fail in their attempts to create large files due to the file-size resource limit.

The ulimit parameter in /etc/security/limits must be set to '-1' for unlimited file sizes.

Raw devices
Mimer SQL Engine on AIX supports the use of raw device files, but tests have shown that on AIX there is no significant difference when using raw devices compared to using ordinary files.

Init.d environment
On AIX, no init.d environment is available for automatic actions at system startup/shutdown. Instead, copy the file distributed as ./examples/mimersql.init to /etc/rc.mimersql.

For a proper start/stop of Mimer SQL Engine database servers, the /etc/rc and /etc/shutdown files must be updated to invoke the /etc/rc.mimersql file.


Download Mimer SQL Engine for AIX from our download page.

For further details, please see our Howto and Feature articles. Or, contact Mimer SQL Support.

Last updated: 2003-12-11


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