JTrace on Java EE and Java SE, SDK 1.2 and 1.3

This is the Mimer Jtrace Driver, a JDBC driver that sits 'on top' of a standard JDBC driver. All calls are made to the Jtrace Driver and it passes them on to the standard driver.

The Mimer Jtrace Driver generates both a trace of all JDBC calls that are made, as well as timing information.

Note! The Mimer Jtrace Driver is not limited to Mimer JDBC drivers, you can use it with any JDBC 1.2 driver.

To be able to use the Mimer Jtrace Driver, it must be loaded into the Java environment. To achieve this, a program loads a driver explicitly by calling the Class.forName() method with the driver class as the parameter.

The name of the Mimer JTrace driver class is com.mimer.jtrace.Driver. The driver is then located by the Java environment which searches along the class path, defined in the CLASSPATH environment variable.

Download the Mimer Jtrace driver from our download page.

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Last updated: 2003-12-11


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