Mimer JDBC on Java EE and Java SE, SDK 1.2 and 1.3

The JDBC API is an integral part of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and Enterprise Editions (Java EE). The API is also an extension to the Java Micro Edition (Java ME).

Mimer JDBC comes in different flavors, depending on which systems it is supposed to be used in. The regular driver is aimed at Enterprise and Standard Edition systems and it supports the JDBC 3 specification. There are also downsized versions available for the Java Micro Edition.

The intention of the JDBC 3.0 API is to provide access to a widely supported subset of SQL-99 features.

In the enterprise environment more functionality is added to the JDBC driver using standard extensions. There are currently four standard extensions defined around the JDBC Core functionality:

  • Java Naming

  • Distributed Transactions

  • Connection Pooling

  • Rowsets

Application servers are often used to access the database in the enterprise environment. With the use of the standard extensions it is possible, for example, to make consistent updates to distributed databases by using the standard extension for Distributed Transactions. When building applications for application servers in the Java EE environment objects called Enterprise JavaBeans are created. The programmer can focus on application logic, as, for example, transaction handling is provided automatically by the application server.

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Last updated: 2009-01-16


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