Mimer JDBC on Java ME CDC/Foundation Profile

Mimer JDBC for Java ME CDC/Foundation Profile should be used when programming database interfaces for small units, such as handheld devices.

The Connected Device Configuration (CDC) is a standards-based framework for building and delivering mobile applications that can be shared across a range of network-connected personal mobile devices. In combination with the J2ME Foundation Profile, which is a set of Java interfaces that supports resource-constrained devices, a complete J2ME application environment for consumer products and embedded devices is provided.

In this environment Mimer JDBC allows database applications to be developed. Mimer JDBC is the first product in the world to follow the JDBC J2ME specification.

Mimer JDBC can be used to communicate with Mimer SQL Engine database servers on central computers or with Mimer SQL Mobile database servers located on, for example, a handheld device. It is thus possible to write applications that work with data located on virtually any type of device. Mimer JDBC uses TCP/IP to communicate with the database server. This means that many different underlying mechanisms such as Bluetooth, wireless LAN, and others, may be used to access the database server.

To develop graphical applications the J2ME Personal Profile is used, which is a superset of the Foundation Profile.

Explanation to some abbreviations used:

  • CDC = Connected Device Configuration

  • J2ME = Java 2 platform, Micro Edition

  • JDBC = Java Database Connectivity. De-facto standard for accessing relational database systems from the Java programming language

  • LAN = Local Area Network

  • ME = Micro Edition

  • TCP/IP = Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

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Last updated: 2009-01-16


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