Mimer SQL Products & Platforms

Mimer SQL is available on a wide variety of platforms. The functionality is generally the same on each platform, making it easy to migrate Mimer SQL applications between these platforms.

About Operating System Versions

The operating system version stated for a platform is the lowest version supported for a specific Mimer SQL release. Higher versions are supported (unless otherwise stated) if they are proved to be backwards compatible by the vendor.

How to buy a Mimer SQL run-time license

Mimer SQL
Platform Product Version Released
Linux (64-bit) 2.6, x86/AMD64      Mimer SQL 10.1.4 C Apr 2017
Linux (64-bit) 2.6, x86/AMD64      Mimer SQL 10.1.3 A Sep 2014
Linux (64-bit) 2.6, x86/AMD64      Mimer SQL 10.1.1 A Oct 2013
Linux (64-bit) 2.6, x86/AMD64      Mimer SQL 10.0.6 J Dec 2011

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Powered by Mimer SQL