Mimer SQL


Ready-Steady-Go! - Reliable and Secure

Installed and up and running in minutes

Non-locking concurrency control totally eliminates all locking overhead and deadlock hazards

Automatic on-line database reorganization ensures that Mimer SQL is always available - no need for hands-on maintenance

On-line backup that can be totally automated and run without disrupting users and applications

Immediate restart after system failure, meaning that the system goes accessible in seconds, performing all consistency verification in the background Referential integrity - domains - stored procedures and triggers

Self-tuning DBMS kernel

Tight operating system integration reduces the need for product-specific skills

Checksum on database pages, allowing the database server to easily verify the integrity of individual database pages

Small footprint makes distribution, installation and deployment easy

24x7 availability

Fine-grained access control system including full view-support

Flexible load/unload for database objects and data

Performance and Scalability from Hand-held Devices to
Enterprise Servers

The same DBMS functionality on a wide range of computer platforms, from small personal hand-held devices to large multi-CPU enterprise servers with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users

Unique scalability - the same application can be executed on almost any kind of hardware platform, without any need for changes

Deploy applications in environments with limited memory resources

Small footprint

Available for various device plaforms, such as Windows Mobile and Android. Customization is possible

Complete SQL support including: stored procedures, triggers, functions, Unicode collations, automatic upgrade, referential integrity and wide set of datatypes

Client/server connectivity for different network protocols; e.g. serial, LAN, IR, WirelessLAN, Bluetooth

Can act both as client to other Mimer SQL servers or as a server for other Mimer SQL clients

Designed to be embedded

Multi-user environment

Full transactional support

The World Champion in Standard Conformance!

SQL-2008. The SQL-2008 standard has replaced the former standards SQL-92, SQL-99 and SQL-2003 as the current SQL standard Full support for NIST's Transitional SQL standard for SQL-92

Stored procedures according to ISO's Persistent Stored Modules (PSM) standard

Database triggers and functions according to SQL:1999

Binary and Character Large OBjects (BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB) support according to SQL:1999

Multi-database transactions (two-phase commit) conforming to Open Group's XA-standard

Support for Java ME CDC Foundation Profile and Java ME CLDC/MIDP

Java EE compliant interfaces including Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) support and native connection pooling, data source handling and XA distributed transaction access

Native ODBC 3 driver

Support for Windows' COM+ and Distributed Transaction Control (DTC)

Unicode support according to the latest standard from the Unicode consortium (ISO/IEC 10646)

Multilingual sorting support according to SQL:1999 Collations standard

Support for "With Hold" cursors according to SQL:1999. I.e. cursors remains open after COMMIT


Powered by Mimer SQL

Powered by Mimer SQL