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Use PowerDesigner with Mimer SQL
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PowerDesigner is a modeling tool, used for modeling data, among others ERD-models.

PowerDesigner is also a modeling tool for object orientated components (in UML) and languages, such as C++, Java etc.

PowerDesigner can be used to reverse Mimer-databases (and others) into physical and conceptual models and to create Mimer-databases from conceptual models.

For that reason we have prepared a downloadable Mimer description file (Mimer82.xdb - see below) to add to the database description files in PowerDesigner.

It is still possible though to create and retrieve Mimer databases through the ODBC definition in PowerDesigner. This ODBC description file is kind of a general definition and does not give full access to foreign keys, references, triggers, stored procedures, checks, domains etc.


This Mimer description file is created for PowerDesigner 8, which is not yet released but available as beta-release.

This Mimer description file is intended to cover the basic functionality in Mimer. Feel free to add further functionality! And if you do, please send us your information helping us to improve the description file.


Choose download of PowerDesigner description file for Mimer SQL.


Copy the downloaded file to PowerDesigner catalogue DBMS.


In PowerDesigner choose Mimer description file (Mimer82) when creating physical model from conceptual or when reverse engineering from Mimer database to physical model.


Mimer exampledatabase HOTELDB looks like this when reverse engineered into PowerDesigner:

Physical model (will open in new window)

Conceptual model (will open in new window)


See also Developer Tools - PowerDesigner.

Last updated: 2002-08-26


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